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Cleaning Fiber Optics


Higher data rates, smaller fiber and connectors, longer distances, and lower level signals - these are the main reasons why it is important to have clean fiber connections. With a fiber core of 6 to 9 microns, one small bit of contamination, whether oil or particle, may attenuate the signal so as to interrupt all communication.


This section will review problems encountered, show proven methods, and review readily available products and materials. It will be an aid in producing the necessary installation and maintenance procedures for fiber optic equipment. Through practice, trial and error and success (!), a cleaning technique will be discovered that will work for your particular application, sometimes tailored to each individual. Although there are definitely wrong ways to go about cleaning and handling fiber optic cables and connectors, there are many correct ways to accomplishing the goal of zero contamination. This section will provide information for a firm foundation to build a custom procedure for any application.


The important thing is to come up with a procedure, with options at times, that works for the individual doing the procedure - one that is reliable and repeatable for all conditions. It is necessary that the person performing the procedure is aware of the importance of consistency and the error of trying to cut corners. NO SHORT CUTS... "Do it right the first time" cannot be stressed too strongly, for it may take hours or days to troubleshoot, re-clean, or even replace fibers that are dirty or damaged due to using improper procedures or improperly following good procedures.