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Fiber Optics Cleaning Products

CLEANING: Are You Adding To the Contamination?

Beware of price savings - not all products are equal.

The most important and often neglected part of a fiber optics circuit is cleaning.  And though cleaning is not necessarily ignored, the quality of the cleaning  products is often unknown. Specifications of the alcohol, wipes, and air dusters used are either hard to find or unavailable from the manufacturer or supplier. Here
you will find the quality of the products you need to clean your optics without adding to the contamination you want to remove. Remember, the final cleanliness of your device will depend on the cleanliness of your worst cleaning product. Look for cleaning fluids that have been manufactured and packaged through prefiltering and final filtering. Look for wipes and swabs that have been
laundered in clean filtered water and have minimal particle and fiber shedding.

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